Blemil Plus 3

Blemil Plus 3


Type Of Drug / Supplement: Pediatric

The most complete and innovative growth formula, which ensures optimal nutrition and growth after follow-on milk.

Blemil plus 3 is a growth formula that adapts to the kidney and digestive capacity of young children and provides the right input of nutrients for physical and intellectual development.
Pediatric nutrition experts recommend delaying the introduction of cow's milk and the use of growth milk for children from one year of age.

Blemil plus 3 contributes to the continued maturation of the immune system, as it contains prebiotics, probiotics and nucleotides, which are related to the stimulation of the body's natural defense.
LC-PUFAs ω-3 and ω-6, carnitine and taurine contained in Blemil plus 3 contribute to the maturation of the nervous system and visual function, as well as the acquisition of motor and intellectual skills, in full development at this age.