MEGA D3 - 10,000 IU

MEGA D3 - 10,000 IU


Type Of Drug / Supplement: Natural Supplements

The single most important nutrient recommended for supplementation!

Vitamin D is usually obtained through diet or produced by the skin from the ultraviolet energy of the sun. Poor diet and lack of sun exposure can result in inadequate levels of Vitamin D for optimal health. Additionally, there are very few food sources that contain Vitamin D making it even harder to obtain adequate amounts of Vitamin D needed for superior health.†

Researchers now know that vitamin D plays a much larger role in promoting health than simply helping build strong bones. Vitamin D helps regulate healthy cell growth, supports immunity, heart health, breast health, colon and prostate health, normal inflammatory response and healthy aging. Research over the last decade suggests that vitamin D may be the single most important nutrient recommended for supplementation.†

Natrol® Vitamin D3:

• Helps Promote Prostate Health 
• Helps Promote Breast Health 
• Helps Promote Colon Health† 
• Helps Build Strong Bones† 
• Activates Immunity† 

Natrol Vitamin D3 10,000 IU delivers the maximum strength in Vitamin D!

Size/Form: 50 Tablets
Directions: may vary according to Vitamin D levels. Kindly refer to your doctor for the appropriate dose for you.