About Us

Welcome to Pharma Marketing & Services

Pharma Marketing and Services (PM&S) is a marketing and distribution company based in Beirut, Lebanon. Established in 1996 in Ein El Mreisseh, PM&S is an ISO certified, Family Owned business dedicated to improving the Well Being of the Lebanese Community through the distribution of safe, reliable and effective medicinal products.

Today, located in El Zarif region, with over 20 years of experience, PM&S is still committed to standards of safety and excellence and draws upon its experience to both market and distribute pharmaceuticals, natural supplements, nutritional and cosmetic products in all of Lebanon.

Our Core Values:

Loyalty: through devotion, trust and reliability
Integrity: through acting with honor and uncompromising the truth
Respect: in all aspects of communication and in every interaction
Employee Wellbeing: where employee safety, needs, and career development are priority
Professionalism: by thriving for quality and efficiency

“Our mission is to provide the Lebanese Community with the highest quality of medicines, over-the-counter products and personal care products”